Now, you can view the best offers in the version 2.17, where you will be able to find discounted tags. If the items are sold between 50% to 75%, you can see an Orange Tag on that item and the ones above 75% will consist of a Red Tag.


As a Chef, how will you set the offers from your end while selling items? You can follow the below procedure:
a. Go to Chef’s Store and select any item for sale.
b. The default selling price for that item will be set already. If you don’t make any adjustments with the price, then you have set 50% off for that item.
c. If the selling price is lesser than the default price, then the item will be sold for 75%.
d. If the selling price is more than the default price, then you are not setting any offer for that item. Now, you can make a choice of selecting the items and also setting the prices.