The following are the benefits you can avail in Play in Luxury:
a.       Your max Goodie capacity limit will be increased by 40%
b.      Plot Construction Time reduced by 40%
c.       Delivery time for buying new Appliances reduced by 40%
d.      Earn 40% extra XP on serving orders
e.       Skip last 10 minutes of Cooking Time
f.       Get first 4 Joe’s Food Service FREE every day
g.      Additional Slot added for training all Staff at the Academy
h.      Additional Slot added for upgrading all Appliances and Amenities at the Workshop
i.       Earn 4X Rewards when claiming Daily Login Bonus
j.       Daily Roadside Gifts appear 4 times more often
k.      Enjoy FREE Speedy Service with Waiters serving on Skates
l.       Get 4 extra Help requests daily

Note: These are the exclusive benefits which can be availed only under the Play in Luxury.