Star Up Goals are introduced after completing Level 6 where you will be rewarded ‘Stars Ratings’ for the upgrades you make in the Restaurant, Kitchen and Backyard through Star Up goals!
Do you see a ‘Star’ icon at the top of the screen between the XP icon and the Coins icon? This Star indicates the Star Rating of your restaurant. You can increase the rating from 1 star to 5 stars by completing the Star Up goals. While doing so, you also get promoted and attain new chef designations and also unlock new locations within the game.
You can Star Up by following the steps below:
  1. Tap on the Star icon at the top of the screen to display the ‘Star Up’ screen.
  2. Scroll vertically to view the Star Up Goals listed
  3. Complete the Goals to earn a higher Star Rating for your Restaurant, get a new Chef Designation and unlock new items in the game.
For more detailed information, please scroll down to the image below to see how the Star Up Goals appear in Star Chef.