In order to cook any recipe you need to have the required Appliances and Ingredients. For example, you require a ‘Soup Station’ appliance and ‘Cream’ and ‘Mushrooms’ as ingredients to prepare ‘Cream of Mushroom’ soup. Appliances can be purchased in the ‘Shop’. This icon is located at the lower left corner of your game screen. Ingredients can be purchased from the Dairy StoreMeat Store or the Supermarket, which are placed in the game.

To cook a new recipe, follow the steps below:

  1. Buy the required appliance from the Shop if it is not already purchased and place it in the Kitchen
  2. Tap on the appliance. It puts up different dishes that can be cooked in it
  3. Select the dish you wish to cook from the available options
  4. Check if you have all the required ingredients. If not, purchase them from the Dairy Store, Meat Store or the Supermarket
  5. Tap on ‘Cook’ to start cooking.

Pro Tip: You can save cooking time by increasing the number of servings while you cook.