We have an important announcement for everyone who is playing Star Chef from WITHIN Facebook's Cloud Gaming on a browser. Very soon Meta will be shutting down its Cloud Gaming Platform and won't allow players to play our game WITHIN Facebook's Cloud Gaming.Nonetheless, you can continue playing Star Chef on other platforms. All you need to do is download and launch the game on any other platform of your choice and Log in with your Facebook account to retrieve your progress in the game.Follow this step-by-step guide for a smooth transition:
  1. Download and Open the New Game on your device
  2. Play the game till Level 2
  3. Tap on to the 'Settings' Icon
  4. Tap on the 'Facebook Login' Button
  5. Enter your Facebook Account Information associated with your Game
  6. Tap on your Facebook Profile associated with Star Chef
  7. Choose the 'Load Game' Button to Retrieve your Game Progress
  8.  Continue playing the game once the login is completed and the old game progress is restored.
Do note down your GAME ID, so you can reach out to us in case of any issues at support@99games.in
Important points to note: 
  1. Facebook Friends and the associated benefits can still be accessed through other platforms. Your Facebook Friends will not be lost.
  2. TV Ads will not be available on Windows, Mac, and Steam platforms. However, Ads will be available on Mobile platforms.
  3. If you choose to play on Steam, please be aware that it is currently experiencing Facebook login issues. In such a case, you can explore alternative platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Google Play Games. Links: iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Steam