At level 9 you will unlock the ability to put items from your Steam Table and Vegetable Rack up for sale in your Chef Store and earn coins

You can sell items in the Chef’s Store by following the steps below:
  1. Tap on the Chef’s Store located near the Backyard to display the item selection menu from the Vegetable Rack/Steam Table
  2. Tap vegetable/fruit or dish that you wish to sell
  3. Tap on the + or - symbols next to the vegetable/dish to adjust the price and quantity
  4. Tap on ‘Sell’ to put the item on sale in the Chef’s Store.
  5. When a player has bought an item you’ve put on sale, a “Coin Animation” is displayed outside the Chef’s Store indicating that the sale is made.
  6. Go to the Chef’s Store and tap on the coin to collect your profits.
NOTE: Selling is an Art, so be sure of the price you want to sell your items for. Selling at a competitive cost will attract more buyers and save you waiting time.