Fantastic Chefs is a line-matching cooking adventure, where you need to match ingredients of the same color by linking them together to prepare yummy dishes and complete levels. You’ll need to match a minimum of 3 ingredients at a time, however, the more ingredients you match, the better rewards you earn. You match ingredients together by dragging your finger on the screen from one ingredient to the next ingredient of the same color.
In your journey with Bob – the leader of your team – you encounter new quirky Chefs. Each Chef is associated with a different color ingredient that activates their Chef Powers. You can tell which color each Chef is associated with by the colored circle beneath them in the game screen. Thus, when matching together Green ingredients, the Chef associated with Green color will give you special powers to help you progress and so on. As you play and recruit new Chefs, you will need to collect Stars by completing Daily Tasks from the Chef’s Journal. These Stars help you evolve Chefs thus transforming them into Fantastic Chefs.