Fantastic Chefs has 11 unique Chef Powers associated with each Chef within the game Chef Powers help in completing levels effectively and saves you from tricky situations.
Row Blaster: Horizontally blasts ingredients from the last row you match.
Column Blaster: Vertically blasts ingredients from the last column you match.
Color Burst: Changes the colorof nearby Ingredients when matched.
Bonus Moves: Gives Extra Moves when matched.
Cross Blaster: Clears near by ingredients from the last row and column you match by a simultaneous Horizontal& Vertical blast.
Bomb: Blasts all near by ingredients when matched.
Pest Buster: When matched, hits all Fungi, Oil Drops and Rats present on the Board.
Magic Mushroom: You can Connect to other Color Ingredients through this booster.
Kriss Kross: When matched, blasts nearby ingredients Diagonally on both sides.
Color Splash: Changes color of surrounding ingredients for an easy match.
Magic Hat: Grants more Chef Powers of the same color when matched.