Hi Chef,
You can move around Appliances, Tables, Décors, Soil boxes, and Trees.

To do that, tap and hold the item you want to move or rearrange. Drag it to the new location where you would like to place it.
If a green background surrounds it that means that the new location works fine. When a red background surrounds the item, it means the location is not appropriate and you need to move it until the background turns green. Select the green tick mark when you are happy with the new place to confirm.
Now you can make changes without ever having to leave the editing mode! It allows you to rearrange multiple elements such as buildings, tables, and decorations all at once. Once you're satisfied with your changes, simply tap on the green checkmark at the bottom to apply them. Plus, when you're rearranging tables, we've added the option to switch up their appearance, making it even easier to match your restaurant's theme.