Hi Chef,

Coins are one of the most important currencies which will help you progress through the game. You will need Coins to buy new Plots, Appliances, Decors, Tables, Dish Mastery and more. You also need Coins to buy items from the Food Truck.

There are several ways you can get Coins for your Restaurant.

  • By serving Orders in your Restaurant. (Levelling up your Dish Mastery will enhance your Coin earning from Table Orders)
  • By performing Food experiments in Foodland
  • On completing Daily Tasks, Quests, and Chapters in Chef Journal
  • By Selling Dishes, Crops, and Exotic Items in the Chef Store
  • Winning Team Chest
  • On completing Catering Orders
  • Spin Wheel - Daily Login Bonus
  • Watching Video ads in Billboard next to Supermarket

Coin earning can also be increased by Mastering dishes in Dish Mastery and using Coin Boosters.