There are many avenues to finding new Friends in the game.

Logging in to Facebook in the game will see your Facebook Friends playing Star Chef 2 added as in-game Friends immediately. You can also join our Facebook Star Chef 2 page and find more Friends in the Chef community.

We have a cool option to help you invite Friends into the game. Through this option, you can easily invite any friend who is not yet playing Star Chef 2 through various channels like the message, Whatsapp, Facebook, etc. Once your Friends become a Star Chef 2 player they will be immediately added as your in-game Friends. You can also visit other Chef's Restaurants in the game and add them as Friends. One easy way to do that is to visit Chefs in your Chef Team and add them as Friends. Food Truck and Chef Store is another place where you will see other Chefs in the game. Visit the Chefs you find interesting and add them as your Friend. me Friends. There is also Bonus to be earned on successful referrals.

You can also watch the video on how to connect and play with Friends in Star Chef 2.