Hi Chef,

Every now and then customers in your Restaurant request a new Recipe or Dish to be served. This is indicated in the Table order and in the Restaurant Order Board.

In such cases, customers specifically ask for a new dish to be served from the Appliance shown. Here, you are expected to first place the Appliance if it's not installed in your Restaurant already. Once the required Appliance is installed, you will see requested Dishes marked as 'New'. All you have to do is find the right ingredients to cook the Dish and serve your customers.

We recommend you work towards setting up the required Appliance to serve new Dishes as early as possible. Else there is a chance you may end up with quite a few players asking for new dishes in the Restaurant which may overwhelm you. Suggest always find ways to earn Coins faster in the game and be ready to place new Appliance as soon as a request comes up.