Dish Mastery is one of the ways in the game to improve your Coin earnings from Restaurant Orders. Mastering Dish helps you earn more Coins that are key to expand and grow your Restaurant as you level up. You will also earn Prestige Points with every Dish Upgrade.

All Dish starts at Lvl 1 and earns you a certain amount of Coins when served in Restaurant. However, you can look at Upgrading or Mastering your Dish to the next level from Dish Mastery. 

In order to Upgrade a Dish, you have to collect the required number of Dish cards from various sources available in the game. The most common sources of Dish Cards are Chef Box. Click here for more info on earning Chef Cards.

Mastering a Dish also improves the Strength of the Dish. Higher the Dish Strength, the higher will be the points you earn in your Chef Masters game.