1. Pier Pressure is a new Dock Tournament where you can give your peers a run for their money with friendly and fun competitions by the sea.
  2. The Tournament will run for three days, like any other Solo Tournament.
  3. Set sails for as many Boat Trips as possible, seas the day and grab Dock Points.
  4. Remember it’s a Solo Tournament, you got to be your own rescuer if your Boat gets stranded.
  5. Worry not sailor! We got your back with tips and tricks – now is when all the Exotic Items come to play. Prep Fast Boat, Super-Fast Boat, and Dock Boost Boosters to stay on top of the sailing game.
  6. Collaborate with your Friends and Teammates for Recipes you may need and expedite the cooking (via Helps) to get the dishes on-board on time for the Tournament.
  7. Keep close tabs on your friends and foes in the Pier Pressure Leaderboard. When you’re on top, don’t forget to look back and scream ‘I’m the King of the World’ like Leo in Titanic.
  8. Tick-tock, tick-tock! Time is of the essence and just like Titanic, that’s what you’ll run short of. Keep your focus on the iceberg…oops sorry, the Dock Points and you should be good to go.