It’s an awesome day to acquire some new tastes – the savory sensation of brand-new events that double your rewards overnight, your personal calendar bookmarking all your favorite events in the game, an out-of-the-world acoustic experience in every nook and corner of the game, and oh… spring cleaning on some of the gremlins that overstayed their welcome. If this is your jam, then dive right in to read everything there is to know in v1.4.

Event Calendar

Event calendar UI

Ever woken up to a realization that you missed your favorite event? Experienced the disappointment when poor planning paves the path for your rival’s victory? Ever caught the marketing team goofing up and forgetting an important tournament reminder? Well, we’ve all been there, let’s be real. The only real solution is to build a handy calendar that plans your itinerary for you – the brand-new EVENT CALENDAR.

Now, be in the know of not only all the ongoing events but also the upcoming events – stay prepared and cut above average to keep your event game strong!

Save the date for your favorite upcoming events in the new Event Calendar – 365 days of madness, 8,760 hours of rewards – packed in one tiny little calendar.

Bonanza Bash

Bonanza Bash

You know it’s all about the bash, ‘bout the bash… no more trouble! Haha, well we tried. You might have promenaded across the globe with Kekoa in Kekoa’s Adventure, you might have whipped out worldly cuisines in Food Cart Event, maybe you’ve even lived out your ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ fantasy in Shopping Rush… but nothing could have prepared you for what’s next – the event of all events – Bonanza Bash.

Bonanza Bash is like the buzz that kicks in after you down a couple of kegs – everything you see doubles right in front of your eyes. Yes, now win double the number of rewards for the same scale of efforts.

  • Traveller’s Trove: Get two times as many Task Points on completing Active and Daily Tasks in Kekoa’s Adventure.
  • Happy Hours: Get two times as many Tokens on completing runs in Shopping Rush.
  • Foodland Lollapalooza: Get two times as many Coins and XP on filling Foodland dockets.

Remember, keep an eye on the Event Calendar to make sure you don’t miss any of the Bonanza Bash Event and make the best of it. These events come and go like a rainbow on a sunny day.

Ambient Sound

Ambient Sound ASMR

Calming tunes and soulful sounds are believed to have helped combat anxiety and improve moods significantly. Keeping that in mind, we thought your restaurant terrain deserves an upgrade in the acoustic department,

It’s all about the little moments – experience chirping of birds, rising and crashing of waves, metals clanking in kitchen, all in the new AMBIENT SOUND feature. Hover to different areas in the game terrain and you’ll be welcomed with pleasant and calming sounds.

Terrain Changes

Backyard Change

After analysis of new player behavior and in the interest of bettering the game for newbies, the placements of the Backyard, Catering Truck, Joe’s Delivery, and a couple of other structures have changed. We understand it might slightly puzzle the seasoned players, but you’ll get a hang of it, we promise. After all, the only constant thing is change, isn’t it?

Bug Fixes

  • Now, let’s get to the least exciting yet most anticipated part of the update – the great climax of the Backyard bug that gave us sleepless nights. If you’re one of the folks who experienced a mismatch in the number of backyard inventory, then we sincerely apologize. The fix is now done and dusted, and you should be able to resume your harvesting activities in full swing with no hurdle.
  • Also, remember the mysterious Facebook logouts? This one has stuck with us like a leech on a humid day for several months, but our devs finally managed to shoot this down in the new update. Login to Facebook on your game and enjoy the perks of being in a social circle - now with no hiccups.

Excited? Well, you should be! We hope you enjoy playing the game as much as we enjoyed making it for you. Also, how are your summer preparations going? We have some slick surprises packed for you and cannot wait to share them with you in the coming weeks.