Summer is singing with joy, and the beach is inviting you with dancing waves. Is there anyone out there that can resist that? If you like the warm embrace of summer breeze, wearing flip flops, and soaking up the sun, then we’ve whipped up a perfect update for you.

1. Summer Theme in Restaurant: When the days get longer, the stars shine brighter, your hair gets lighter, the water gets warmer, the music gets louder, and life gets better… you know it’s time for a summer revamp in your restaurant. After two summers in lockdown, don’t we all deserve the biggest summer blast this time around? Your restaurant is decked with barbeque stands, lemonade stands, pools, themed decors and a lot more to make your summer dream come true. Make the best out of your restaurant in all its summer glory.

2. Exclusive Decors: They say in summers, the song sings itself. Well, we don’t know about that but your restaurant will definitely decorate itself this summer update. Be the star… well in this case, the sun of the show and take your restaurant ambiance to the next level.

Use these decors as a hook to attract the crowd and be the talk of the town this summer. Use the adorable Baby Duck Pool to make the kids go googly eyes, attract the young and happening crowd with a Cool Flamingo (teenagers have a thing for flamingos, don’t they?), and show off the Summer Wreath to secure the elderly customers. But beware, your restaurant’s going to be bustling with orders and also cha-ching’ing with dollar bills. ;)

3. Summer Fashion: It’s that one season where you can pull off anything – from pretty little dresses to casual dungarees, summer approves them all. Nicole, Joe and your customers got the fashion memo for this update. They are dressed in their best summer couture and ready to bedazzle you. The word is that they’re raising the temperature above the bearable limit, so look out for sunstroke and stay hydrated.

4. Food Cart Event: Your next Food Cart Event is all set to twin with your restaurant with all things summer. You know what they say – the sun’s out, so bring the hamburger buns out! Help your customers beat the heat with delicious summer food and earn Food Tokens to outshine others and top the leader board. Oh, here’s a little secret – word is you’ll get to catch Derrick (the BBQ dude) shirtless in the new Food Cart event visuals. So, do you have it in you to be the SUN OF THE GUN?

And that’s a wrap on everything new coming to your fingertips with the Summer Update. Pocket the sunshine and enjoy the summer blast to the fullest, because these memories my friend, are the ones you’ll cherish.