Hello Chef,

Have you ever wished there was a fast way to get rid of things in storage that you no longer needed? We have included a new function called "Fire Sale" to aid our players in better managing their storage space. In short, this function facilitates the quick sale of products from storage. Some important points to remember about this function are as follows:

  1. Dish Storage, Ingredient Storage, and Exotic Item Storage are the only types of inventory that support the fire Sale feature. Fire Sales are not permitted to sell Magic or Boosters.
  2. When selling products through Fire Sale, the amount of rewards you receive is fixed based on the product quantity you select.
  3. The Fire Sale rewards either Coins or Goodies. Premium users who already receive an unlimited supply of Goodies will not receive additional Goodies during the Fire Sale.

What follows is a comprehensive guide on how to make use of the Fire Sale:

  • Tap on the Storage area

  • Then you can click on the item you want to sell. You'll see a window pop up where you can choose how many of the items you want to sell. 

Note: 50% of the chosen item will be picked to sell by default. If you have 10 Lettuce, 5 Lettuce will be picked for you automatically. You can change the amount by using the + and - buttons.

  • Once the quantity has been determined, tap on "Fire Sale" to sell the items immediately and receive the indicated amount of coins for non-supermarket ingredients and goodies for supermarket ingredients.