Party like a Mexican with splashy Piñatas this Food Cart Season while celebrating the real superheroes of your life with a special event – one exceptional of a new update coming your way.

We know you wanna know all the deets about this new update that we are talking about, but let’s get some chips, salsa, and margarita and then wear our hearing caps. :wink: Let’s dig right in to read everything there is to know in v1.6.5, shall we?

Cinco De Mayo themed Food Cart Event

Cinco de Mayo festival

Shake off the siesta sista, it’s time to get down and fiesta! Party like you’re in the Mexican Havana in the Cinco de Mayo-themed Food Cart Event. The festivities of this festival come out in the form of vibrant new character costumes, joyous dancing, piñata, eye-soothing visuals, and lots and lots of food. Fiesta, food, and fun – what more could you want?

This Food Cart Event, the food is extra spicy, the dance is extra saucy, and the colors are extra bright – travel to the land of charm, beautiful beach destinations, and rich culture to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.

Brand New Cinco De Mayo Decors

Cinco de Mayo decors

Come for the food, stay for the decors this Food Cart Event! We got some quirky and EXCLUSIVE decors to give your restaurants the ‘Mexican’ touch that you have always wanted. We have your all-time favorite – Burro Piñata, who loves getting smashed at every party :joy: and Sombrero Cactus doing amazing moves to keep your customers entertained in the restaurant.

Chef Masters – New Skin

Chef Masters design for Cinco de Mayo

They say if you have tacos and other things Mexican around you, you just cannot feel sad. So, we thought why not bring you a festival and all Mexicana ‘Chef Masters’ skin? Why let the fun stop when you can flaunt it by owning, right? :wink:

Empowered Mums

Mother's day special

Do you ever wonder how your mom does the work of 20 people with an unwavering smile, all for free? Well, it’s a Mom Thing! This Mother’s Day, we have a special feature as warm as a mother’s hug to celebrate the real superheroes of our lives – MOM. :heart:

Terrain Nuggets

Terrain Nuggets

Every corner of your restaurant will now tell a story, and every story will put a smile on your face with the brand-new feature TERRAIN NUGGETS. And make sure to take a screenshot whenever you see one, and drop it in our Star Chef 2 Family – Facebook Group!

That’s a wrap on the most vibrant and extra spicy update.